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Science and Technology of Organic Farming (Επιστήμη και τεχνολογία βιολογικής γεωργίας - έκδοση στα αγγλικά)

Science and Technology of Organic Farming (Επιστήμη και τεχνολογία βιολογικής γεωργίας - έκδοση στα αγγλικά)

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Allen V. Barker


Science and Technology of Organic Farming

Author: Allen V. Barker
ISBN: 9781439816127
Pages: 240
Format: 16 X 24
Binding: Hardback
Pub. Year: 2010

Winner of a CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title Award for 2011! Organic farming is not only a philosophy, but also a well-researched science that combines soil fertility, plant pathology, entomology, and other biological and environmental sciences. Science and Technology of Organic Farming is a concise, readily applicable resource for understanding the scientific basis for organic farming and the technology required to achieve adequate yields through plant nutrition and protection. It provides the tools necessary to dispel hampering myths about organic farming so farmers - regardless of their experience - can strengthen their own growing practices. Emphasizes Foundations of Organic Farming - Composting, Cover Crops, & Farm Manures Addressing relevant issues and concepts along with practical applications, chapters cover soil fertility and plant nutrition; individual plant requirements; liming; farm manures, green manures, and composts; mulching and tillage; and weed, insect, and disease control, as well as companion planting and storage. The text also includes more than 50 illustrations and a glossary with common technical and scientific terms used in conventional and organic agriculture. This valuable reference is ideal for farmers, agricultural advisers, and soil and plant scientists - in both academia and industry.

Table of Contents

Definitions and Philosophies of Organic Farming
Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition
Requirements of Plants for Soil-Derived Nutrients
Management of Farm Manures
Management of Green Manures
Weed Control
Insect Control
Plant Diseases
Companion Planting
Storage of Produce
Glossary of Terms

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