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Olive Growing (Ελαιοκομία - έκδοση στα αγγλικά)

Olive Growing (Ελαιοκομία - έκδοση στα αγγλικά)

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D. Barranco, R. Fernandez-Escobar, L. Rallo


Olive Growing

Author: D. Barranco, R. Fernandez-Escobar, L. Rallo
ISBN: 1741518695
Pages: 756
Binding: Hardback
Pub. Year: 2010

This new English edition of Olive Growing was developed by RIRDC and the AOA as a translation and update of the fifth edition of the Spanish manual. It is intended as a definitive reference source for the Australian olive industry and will also be an asset for olive producers and processors in other English speaking countries.
Olive Growing is a technical manual for all those involved in the olive growing sector, i.e. growers, processors, technical experts, students and, in general, all those with an interest in growing this ancient plant. The scientific editors have designed this book as a collection of works, involving scientists and technical experts intricately linked to the crop, as well as experts in the subject matter of their assigned chapter. The aim was for them to present in a simple and clear manner, all aspects pertaining to their subject, combining the breakthroughs of the last 25 years with practical suggestions and recommendations that would help readers plant and grow an olive grove successfully, enabling them to obtain quality products in the light of current knowhow and future estimates. The scientific editors’ goal has been fully achieved, if we are to judge from the swift sale of the first four Spanish editions, now out of print, an exceptional feat for an agricultural book. To date, no other text on Spanish agriculture has been distributed so widely in such a short time.

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