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Early, rapid and sensitive veterinary molecular diagnostics - real time PCR applications

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Early, rapid and sensitive veterinary molecular diagnostics - real time PCR applications

Pestana, E., Belak, S., Diallo, A., Crowther, J.R., Viljoen, G.J.
1st Edition., 2010, XIV, 310 p., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-90-481-3131-0

This book gives a comprehensive account of the practical aspects of Real time PCR and its application to veterinary diagnostic laboratories. The optimisation of assays to help diagnose livestock diseases is stressed and exemplified through assembling standard operating procedures from many laboratory sources. Theoretical aspects of PCR are dealt with as well as quality control features necessary to maintain an assured testing system. The book will be helpful to all scientists involved in diagnostic applications of molecular techniques, but is designed primarily to offer developing country scientists a collection of working methods in a single source. The book is an adjunct to the Molecular Diagnostic PCR Handbook published in 2005.


Preface.- acknowledgements.- chapter 1: background.- 1. aims of this book, 2. what is pcr?, 3. what is the use of pcr?. 4. pcr and infectious diseases -the veterinary picture, 5. laboratory diagnostic technology, 6. references.- chapter two: traditional pcr, 1. traditional pcr, 2. pcr reaction, 3. pcr set up and optimization, 4. the pcr plateau effect, 5. radioisotope-pcr based methods, 6. references.- chapter three: real time pcr. the basic principles: 1. traditional pcr versus real time pcr, 2. optimising a real time pcr reaction, 3. references.- chapter four: new trends in the diagnosis and molecular epidemiology of viral diseases: 1. background, 2. pcr methods used in routine molecular diagnostics, 3. acknowledgements, 4. references.- chapter five: disease diagnosis using real-time pcr specific procedures for important veterinary pathogens.- chapter six: pcr laboratory set-up: 1. establishment of a pcr laboratory.- 2. quality assurance programme or accreditation.- 3. references.- chapter seven: analysis and troublesho0ting.- chapter eight: specifications for pcr machines.- glossary of terms.- index.


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