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Compendium of Lettuce Diseases

Compendium of Lettuce Diseases (Ασθένειες μαρουλιού)

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R. Michael Davis, Krishna V. Subbarao, Richard N. Raid, Edward A. Kurtz

Compendium of Lettuce Diseases

Author: R. Michael Davis, Krishna V. Subbarao, Richard N. Raid, Edward A. Kurtz
ISBN: 9780890541869
Pages: 104
Format: 21 Χ 27.4
Binding: Paperback
Pub. Year: 1997

This compendium covers the diseases and disorders of crisphead, romaine or cos, butterhead, and leaf lettuce (all types of
Lactuca sativa L.).


Introduction; Origin and History of Lettuce; Types of Lettuce; Production; Lettuce Diseases

Part 1: Infectious Diseases

Diseases Caused by Fungi; Anthracnose, Bottom Rot, Cercospora Leaf Spot, Damping-off, Downy Mildew, Drop, Fusarium Wilt, Gray Mold, Powdery Mildew, Pythium Wilt and Leaf Blight, Septoria Leafspot, Southern Blight, Stemphylium Leaf Spot, Texas Root Rot, Verticillium Wilt

Diseases Caused by Bacteria; Bacterial Leafspot, Corky Root, Marginal Leafblight, Soft Rot of Lettuce, Varnish Spot

Diseases Caused by Nematodes; Lesion Nematode, Needle Nematode, Root-knot Nematode, Spiral Nematode, Stunt Nematode

Diseases Caused by Viruses and Phytoplasmas; Alfalfa Mosaic, Beet Western Yellows, Beet Yellow Stunt, Bidens Mottle, Broad Bean Wilt, Cucumber Mosaic, Dandelion Yellow Mosaic, Lettuce Big-Vein, Lettuce Chlorosis, Lettuce Infectious Yellows, Lettuce Mosaic, Lettuce Mottle, Lettuce Necrotic Yellows, Sonchus Yellow Net, Sowthistle Yellow Vein, Tobacco Rattle, Tobacco Ringspot, Tobacco Streak, Tomato Spotted Wilt, Turnip Mosaic, Aster Yellows; Vectors; Aphids, Leafhoppers, Thrips, Whiteflies, Non-insect Dispersal

Part 2: Postharvest Diseases

Storage of Lettuce; Brown Stain; Gray Mold; Pink Rib; Russet Spotting

Part 3: Injuries and Abiotic and Noninfectious Biotic Diseases

Air Pollution; Allelopathy; Ants; Bird Damage; Bolting; Genetic Abnormalities; Mineral Deficiencies and Toxicities; Pesticide Related Injury; Rib Blight; Soil Crack and Shatter; Soil pH and Salinity; Tipburn; Weather Related Injury

Glossary; Index; Color Plates

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