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Fruit Breeding, Volume 2, Vine and Small Fruits

Fruit Breeding, Volume 2, Vine and Small Fruits (Καλλιέργεια φρούτων, άμπελος και μικρά φρούτα - έκδοση στα αγγλικά)

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CODE: 008155

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Jules Janick, James N. Moore


Fruit Breeding, Volume 2, Vine and Small Fruits

Author: Jules Janick, James N. Moore
ISBN: 9780471126706
Pages: 477
Format: 17 X 24
Binding: Hardback
Pub. Year: 1996

This book is the second volume of a three volume reference set that will provide comprehensive information on breeding commercial horticultural crops. In a systematic way, it deals with the history and commercial importance of each fruit, the origin and early development of cultivation, regional characteristics, breeding objectives, fruit characteristics such as color, shape and disease resistance. Volume II deals with, for example, citrus fruits, avocados, and kiwifruits.

Table of Contents

Blueberries, Cranberries, and Ligonberries (G. Galletta and J. Ballington).

Brambles (H. Daubeny).

Currants and Gooseberries (R. Brennan).

Grapes (B. Reisch and C. Pratt).

Kiwifruit (A. Ferguson, et al.).

Strawberries (J. Hancock, et al.).


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