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Compendium of Strawberry Diseases, Second Edition

Compendium of Strawberry Diseases, Second Edition (Ασθένειες φράουλας - έκδοση στα αγγλικά)

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CODE: 007013

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J. L. Maas

Compendium of Strawberry Diseases, Second Edition

Author: J. L. Maas
ISBN: 9780890541944
Pages: 128
Format: 21 Χ 27
Binding: Paperback
Pub. Year: 1998


Introduction; The Strawberry; The Plant; The Fruit; The Leaf; The Root; Propagation; Strawberry Plant Health; Arthropod Pests; Disease Control; Strawberry Certification; Prospects for Disease Resistance; Integration of Pest Management Practices; Part 1. Noninfectious Disorders Caused by Genetic or Environmental Factors; Misshapen Fruit; Fasciation and Multiple Tips; Button Berries, Catfacing, and Nubbins; Albino Fruit (White Berry); Green Tip and White Shoulder; June Yellows; Noninfectious Phyllody; Frost Injury; Winter Injury; Drought Damage; Water Damage; Lightning; Hail Injury; Wind Damage; Air Pollution; Soil Salinity; Strawberry Plant Nutrition and Nutrient Deficiencies; Nutrient Availability; Diagnosing Nutrient-Related Problems; Nitrogen; Sulfur; Phosphorus; Potassium; Calcium; Magnesium; Iron; Manganese; Boron; Zinc; Copper; Molybdenum; Fertilizer and Pesticide-Related Injuries; Problems Caused by Weeds and Herbicides; Part 2. Infectious Diseases; Bacterial Diseases of the Leaf; Angular Leaf Spot; Bacterial Wilt; Fungal Diseases of the Leaf; Powdery Mildew; Leaf Scorch; Phomopsis Leaf Blight; Leaf Blotch; Leaf Spot; Purple Leaf Spot; Anthracnose Leaf Spots; Septoria Leaf Spots; Rhizoctonia Leaf Blight (Web Blight); Alternaria Black Leaf Spot; Macrophomina Leaf Blight and Dry Crown Rot; Cercospora Leaf Spots; Sclerotium Rot (Southern Blight); Leaf Stalk Rot; Hainesia Leaf Spot; Slime Molds; Leaf Rusts; Fungal Diseases of the Fruit; Botrytis Fruit Rot (Gray Mold) and Blossom Blight; Anthracnose Fruit Rot (Black Spot); Leather Rot; Phomopsis Soft Rot; Powdery Mildew of the Fruit; Tan-Brown Rot; Rhizoctonia Fruit Rot (Hard Rot); Anther and Pistil Blight; Stem-End Rot; Black Seed Disease; Pestalotia Fruit Rot; Sclerotinia Rot; Alternaria Rot and Cladosporium Rot Rhizopus Rot (Leak); Mucor Fruit Rot; Penicillium Fruit Rot; Aspergillus Rot; Brown Cap; Stagnospora Hard Rot (Septoria Hard Rot); Minor Fruit Rots; White Rot; Botryosphaeria Fruit Rot (Sphaeropsis Fruit Rot); Fruit Blotch; Coniella Fruit Rot; Sclerotium Fruit Rot; Phytophthora nicotianae Rot; Phytophthora citrophthora Rot; Downy Mildew; Sphaeronaemella Fruit Rot; Lilac Soft Rot; Fungal Diseases of the Root and Crown; The Healthy Strawberry Root System; Anthracnose Crown Rot; Red Stele Root Rot; Crown Rot; Phytophthora citricola Root Rot; Verticillium Wilt; Fusarium Wilt (Fusarium Yellows); Black Root Rot; Pythium Root Rot (Stunt); Rhizoctonia Root Rot (Ceratobasidium Root Rot); Rhizoctonia solani Root Rot; Gray Sterile Fungus Root Rot; Idriella Root Rot; Sclerotinia Crown Rot; Armillaria Root and Crown Rot; Dematophora Root and Crown Rot; Pith Necrosis and Crown Death; Macrophomina Root Rot and Charcoal Rot; Rapid Death; Olpidium Root Infection; Synchytrium Root Gall; Rhizoctonia Bud Rot; Nursery Plant Deterioration in Cold Storage; Mycorrhizal Fungi; Virus and Viruslike Diseases; Aphid-Borne Viruses; Strawberry Crinkle Virus; Strawberry Latent C Rhabdovirus; Strawberry Mild Yellow-Edge Disease; Strawberry Mottle Virus; Strawberry Vein Banding Caulimovirus; Strawberry Pseudo Mild Yellow-Edge Carlavirus; Nepoviruses; Tomato Ringspot Nepovirus; European Nepoviruses; Fragaria Chiloensis Ilavirus; Tobacco Streak Ilavirus; Strawberry Pallidosis; Tobacco Necrosis Virus; Minor Virus and Viruslike Diseases; Chlorotic Fleck; Strawberry Feather Leaf; Strawberry Leafroll; Vein Yellowing; Heat Spots on Fragaria vesca Clones; Leafhopper-Vectored Diseases Caused by Phytoplasmas; Strawberry Aster Yellows; Green Petal; Strawberry Lethal Decline; Bronze Leaf Wilt; Mycoplasma Yellows (Phytoplasma Yellows); Minor Phytoplasma Diseases; Multiplier Disease; Witches' Broom; Diseases Caused by Bacterium-like Organisms; Rickettsia Yellows; Marginal Chlorosis; Nematode Diseases; Leaf and Stem Parasites; Spring Dwarf (Cauliflower Disease); Summer Dwarf (Summer Crimp); Leaf and Stem Nematode; Root Parasites; Root Knot; Root-Lesion Nematodes; Sting Nematodes; Dagger and Needle Nematodes; Nematode Control; Part 3: Arthropod and Mollusk Pests; Piercing and Sucking Insects; Strawberry Aphids; Strawberry Root Aphid; Cyclamen Mite; Spider Mites; Tarnished Plant Bug; Strawberry Bud Weevil; Potato Leafhopper; Spittlebugs (Froghoppers); Chewing Insects; Root Weevils; Flower Thrips; White Grubs; Garden Symphilid; Leaf Rollers; Strawberry Rootworm and Grape Colaspis; Strawberry Rootworm; Grape Colaspis; Strawberry Sap Beetle; Boring Insects; Strawberry Crown Miner; Strawberry Crown Borer; Strawberry Crown Moth; Other Pest Problems; Fire Ants; Garden Slugs

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