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Products from Olive Tree (Προϊόντα του ελαιόδεντρου - έκδοση στα αγγλικά)

Products from Olive Tree

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Dimitrios Boskou, Maria Lisa Clodoveo


Products from Olive Tree

Author: Dimitrios Boskou, Maria Lisa Clodoveo
ISBN: 9789535127246
Pages: 342
Format: 17 X 24
Binding: Hardback
Pub. Year: 2016

Olive tree products provide a number of documented presentations of the production and quality of the two most important olive tree products: virgin olive oil and table olives. It is a source that familiarizes readers with recent approaches and innovations that can be introduced in the virgin olive oil extraction and stabilization technology and the preparation of table olives with emphasis on the presence of bioactive constituents. It also describes advances in the methods of checking authenticity and in the evaluation of attributes that may influence consumers' perceptions and preferences. Other topics discussed are squalene, a trove of metabolic actions, pigments, geographical indication, biotechnology in table olive preparation, and recovery of hydroxytyrosol from olive-milling wastes.


•    Chapter 1  Squalene: A Trove of Metabolic Actionsby Adela Ramírez-Torres, Clara Gabás-Rivera and Jesús Osada
•    Chapter 2  Improvement of Olive Oil Mechanical Extraction: New Technologies, Process Efficiency, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Qualityby Gianluca Veneziani, Beatrice Sordini, Agnese Taticchi, Sonia Esposto, Roberto Selvaggini, Stefania Urbani, Ilona Di Maio and Maurizio Servili
•    Chapter 3  Ultrasound in Olive Oil Extractionby Riccardo Amirante and Antonello Paduano
•    Chapter 4  Stabilization of Extra-Virgin Olive Oilby Lorenzo Guerrini and Alessandro Parenti
•    Chapter 5  Chlorophylls and Carotenoids in Food Products from Olive Treeby Beatriz Gandul-Rojas, María Roca and Lourdes Gallardo-Guerrero
•    Chapter 6  Pigments in Extra‐Virgin Olive Oil: Authenticity and Qualityby Cristina Lazzerini, Mario Cifelli and Valentina Domenici
•    Chapter 7  DNA-Based Approaches for Traceability and Authentication of Olive Oilby Christos Bazakos, Stelios Spaniolas and Panagiotis Kalaitzis
•    Chapter 8  Evaluation of the “Harmony Value”: A Sensory Method to Discriminate the Quality Range within the Category of EVOOby Annette Bongartz, Martin Popp, Reinhard Schneller and Dieter Oberg
•    Chapter 9  Consumer Perception, Attitudes, Liking and Preferences for Olive Oilby Sara Cicerale, Gie Liem and Russell S.J. Keast
•    Chapter 10  Olive Oils with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)by Zisimos Likudis
•    Chapter 11  Geographical Indication Labels in Moroccan Olive Oil Sector: Territorial Dimension and Characterization of Typicality: A Case Study of Meknès Regionby Aadil Bajoub, Lucía Olmo-García, Noureddine Ouazzani, Romina Paula Monasterio, Gabriel Beltrán and Alegría Carrasco-Pancorbo
•    Chapter 12  Modern Techniques in the Production of Table Olivesby Nurcan Değirmencioğlu
•    Chapter 13  Biotechnology can Improve a Traditional Product as Table Olivesby Maria Tufariello, Giovanni Mita and Gianluca Bleve
•    Chapter 14  The Possibility of Recovering of Hydroxytyrosol from Olive Milling Wastewater by Enzymatic Bioconversionby Manel Hamza and Sami Sayadi
•    Chapter 15  A Brief Review on Recent Processes for the Treatment of Olive Mill Effluentsby Javier Miguel Ochando‐Pulido, Rita Fragoso, Antónia Macedo, Elizabeth Duarte and Antonio Martínez Ferez
•    Chapter 16  Olive Oil in Brazil: Economic and Regulatory Control Aspectsby Sabria Aued-Pimentel
•    Chapter 17  Tocopherols: Chemical Structure, Bioactivity, and Variability in Croatian Virgin Olive Oilsby Maja Jukić Špika, Klara Kraljić and Dubravka Škevin

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