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Rabbit Production

Rabbit Production (Εκτροφή κουνελιού - έκδοση στα αγγλικά)

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J I McNitt, N M Patton, S D Lukefahr, P R Cheeke


Rabbit Production

Author: J I McNitt, N M Patton, S D Lukefahr, P R Cheeke
ISBN: 9781845939441
Pages: 493
Format: 17 Χ 24
Binding: Paperback
Pub. Year: 2011

Main Description

This is a reprint of a highly successful book about the production of farmed rabbits (originally published by Interstate in 2000). The book concerns rabbits bred for meat and fur, but also has plenty of information on pet rabbits and show rabbits. Beginning with an introduction to the field of rabbit production around the world and some basic breed and equipment information, further topics then covered include rabbit diseases, feeding, reproduction, behaviour, welfare, genetics, showing, rabbit production in developing countries, fur and meat production, slaughter and the marketing of rabbit products.


Rabbit breeders, farmers, rabbit meat and fur producers, animal scientists and researchers, students of animal science and meat production.

Main Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Rabbit Production Around the World
Chapter 3. Rabbit Breeds
Chapter 4. The Rabbitry and its Equipment
Chapter 5. Rabbit Management
Chapter 6. Economics and Financial Management
Chapter 7. Principles of Rabbit Nutrition
Chapter 8. Feeds and Feeding
Chapter 9. Toxins in Feeds
Chapter 10. Rabbit Diseases and Health Problems
Chapter 11. Rabbit Reproduction
Chapter 12. Rabbit Behaviour
Chapter 13. Principles of Rabbit Genetics
Chapter 14. Breeding Systems
Chapter 15. Genetic Selection for Herd Improvement
Chapter 16. Coat Colour Genetics of Rabbits
Chapter 17. Rabbit Shows
Chapter 18. Pet Rabbits
Chapter 19. Animal Welfare
Chapter 20. Rabbits for Family and Small Farm Development
Chapter 21. Rabbit Production in Developing Countries
Chapter 22. Rex Fur Production
Chapter 23. Angora Wool Production
Chapter 24. Meat Production
Chapter 25. Slaughtering and Preparation of Meat Skins
Chapter 26. Marketing rabbits and Their Products

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